Uri Geller Net Worth

Uri Geller Net Worth

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How much Uri Geller Worth?

Uri Geller Net Worth:
$10 Million

About Uri Geller:

Magician, Psychic, Film Producer, Actor

Uri Geller is an Israeli illusionist, well known internationally as a magician, television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic. He is known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects. Throughout the years, Geller has us...

Birth date: December 20, 1946
Birth place: Tel Aviv, Israel
Height: 6 ft (1.829 m)
Profession: Magician, Psychic, Film Producer, Actor
Nationality: Israel
Spouse: Hanna Geller (m. 1979)
Children: Natalie Geller, Daniel Geller
Books: Little Book Of Mind-Power, Mind Medicine
Source(s): Wikipedia


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