Daniel Cudmore Net Worth

Daniel Cudmore Net Worth

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How much Daniel Cudmore Worth?

Daniel Cudmore Net Worth:
$4 Million

About Daniel Cudmore:

Actor, Stunt Performer, Rugby Player

Daniel Cudmore is a Canadian actor and stuntman. He is perhaps best known for his roles as the mutant Piotr Rasputin/Colossus in the X-Men film franchise, and as the Volturi Felix in the Twilight Saga films.

Birth date: January 20, 1981
Birth place: Squamish, Canada
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.03 m)
Profession: Actor, Stunt Performer, Rugby Player
Nationality: Canada
Spouse: Stephanie Cudmore (m. 2012)
Parents: Sue Bailey, Richard Cudmore
Siblings: Jamie Cudmore, Luke Cudmore
Source(s): Wikipedia


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