Amado Carrillo Fuentes Net Worth

Amado Carrillo Fuentes Net Worth

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How much Amado Carrillo Fuentes Worth?

Amado Carrillo Fuentes Net Worth:
$25 Billion

About Amado Carrillo Fuentes:

Drug lord

Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a Mexican drug lord who seized control of the Juárez Cartel after assassinating his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. Amado Carrillo became known as "El Señor de Los Cielos" because of the large fleet of jets he used to transport drugs. He was also k...

Birth date: December 17, 1956, Guamuchilito
Death date: July 3, 1997, Mexico City, Mexico
Birth place: Guamúchil
Profession: Drug lord
Nationality: Mexico
Spouse: Sonia Barragan Perez (m. ?–1997)
Children: Vicente Carrillo Leyva
Parents: Vicente Carrillo, Aurora Fuentes
Siblings: Vicente Carrillo Fuentes
Source(s): Wikipedia


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